Questions to Ask a Home Remodeler

Thinking of remodeling your home? It is a big decision, and one that should be researched thoroughly. Whether you seek to update the look of your kitchen, refurbish a bathroom or add on a new room to your home, it is important to research all potential contractors who bid on the job. A room addition or renovation is something you only want done one time, and it is necessary to be prepared to ask any potential worker questions about the job and what is involved.

Here are a few examples of questions one should consider asking when interviewing a home remodeling company:

1) Does my house really need an addition or remodeling? On the outset, it may appear your current home is too small to suit your needs. However, adding a whole new room may not necessary. It may be possible to turn an outside patio or carport into an annex rather than pour a new pad for a floor. Most contractors offer free estimates, so take the time to inquire about what is feasible regarding your home project.

2) Do you contract workers or keep workers on staff? It may not make a difference to some homeowners, but it is always good to know how many workers are expected to handle your project, as well as their employment status.

3) What payment plans do you offer? While many home contractors offer free estimates, payment plans can vary. Some may offer a variety of financing programs, so be sure to ask. Also, if you need a handicap accessible project, there may be special provisions involved that can work to your benefit.

Armed with the knowledge you need about your home improvement project, you will be able to make a sound decision when you hire a contractor to work on your house.

Larry Marlin